SecureDash Review - The best way to secure your website from hackers

As an internet website owner or blogger, the biggest fear is security. Imagine that you had to work very hard on your website, but suddenly all your work was transformed or completely wiped out by a hacker? It is really terrible! This not only affects you but also your reputation and your customers.
In my experience – and perhaps your
experience also – people come in two
flavors: good people and bad people.
Bad people like to:
- See what others have in their email inbox (snooping)
- Poke around un-secured servers (hacking)
- Check to see if your databases are secure (hijacking)
- Steal your customer data (stealing)
- And a lot more...
By the way, did you hear how Dell
and Marriott were hacked within
just 24 hours of one another?!
Take a look at my friend's website 2 weeks ago

Look what happened yesterday 

So if you own a website, you need to
invest in that kind of monitoring for
your website… BEFORE anything bad happens!
I am going to provide you a 3-step protection panel combines with 10-tools-in-one to give your website superior protection from hackers, botnets, spyware, viruses, trojans and more.
The cloud-based tool that includes 10 secured tools for your website as below:

As my words at the beginning, your website will be protected by 10 tools, including: DDOS, CrawlBot, FakeWAP, MySQL Injection, AutoFileMod, Phishing, BruteForce, Malware Scan, ClickJacking, .Htaccess, Virus Rack, Cookie Theft, Foreign Ping, Waterhole Attacks, VituLoad.

You can choose any tools you want or you can choose some of them.You will be notified by EMAIL or TEXT MESSAGE when an attack happens and you will be directed on how to stop it.
Here is a sample Email ;

On top of that you can ban any IP address you want by hitting the red button:

There was an earlier post in this section about a company complaining about their site getting hacked,so if you own a forum,ecommerce or money website ,it's time to protect your investment .

                             CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS 


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